Lara Grant



Defined by either being a collection of lessons designed to be taught as part of a long-term curriculum; Online and in the classroom. Or, a repeating lesson scheduled to be taught multiple times within a period of time.

+ Wearable and Soft Interactions at CCA (California College of the Arts), 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

+ Wearable Electronics, Instructables Class, 2016

+ Raspberry Pi, Instructables Class, 2017

+ Sewing Machine SBU (Safety and Basic Use), TechShop, 2012-2013
Outline and lesson written by TechShop

+ Electronic and Soldering Fundamentals, TechShop, 2012-2013
Outline and lesson written by TechShop. Improvements written and submitted for inclusion.



Teaching sessions either taught once or as a two-day intensive.

+ eTextile Connectors co-taught with Rachel Freire, eTextile Summer Camp, 2017

+ Methods and Materials: Prototyping Fashion-Forward Wearables, Designing of Wearables, CCA, 2014

+ Costume Hack Workshop at CCA, 2012

+ Soft Circuitry Basics, TechShop, 2012

+ Soft Circuitry and Synthesizers co-taught with Sarah Grant, NIME, Ann Arbor, MI, 2012

Soft Controller and Synthesizers co-taught with Sarah Grant, NIME, Oslo, Norway. 2011

Soft Circuitry with LilyPad Arduino, Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, SF, 2011

Textiles and Electronics co-taught with Sarah Grant, In/Out Festival, NY, 2010

+ FSP (Felted Signal Processing) showcase with How to Needle Felt a Circuit demos, Maker Faire, NY, 2010

+ How to Wet Felt, Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2008


*All curriculum and builds designed by Lara, except where noted.