Fashion That Functions


A selection of documented designs that represent some core concepts in garment design that have driven me as a designer.

Pieces are transformable and adjustable to be controlled and adapted by the wearer, opening up a conversation that can lead to practicality and creativity of the individual who wear them.All designs were made and documented between 2002 and 2004.

Cropped Kimono Jacket

Kimono sleeves hold a zipper pocket where you can stash and carry cards and money to eliminate the use of a purse. The soft jersey hood can be worn or folded into the wide collar and zipped away for another look. The jacket has contrast cuffs that can be worn up or down.


The Carry-all Skirt

This skirt zips at the bottom and has two embedded straps that can pull out allowing the wearer to carry it on the back. The two front pockets of the skirt become two front pockets of the backpack with a top drawstring closure.

Adaptable Hoodie

This hoodie has two different layering option, one with a v-neck keyhole design, the other involves the button on yoke with hood. The yoke can be worn with the sweatshirt or separately.

Drawstring Dress

This dress adjusts to several body types via drawstrings that change length and width, contributing to an every-changing look.

Day Dress

This jersey dress comes with a detachable yoke to give you a another look and neckline.

Panel Dress

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