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These ideas are up for brainstorming and adding to. For example, Tina awesomely pointed out that the rewards should be instantaneous for the Pavlov projects which led to some excellent cupcake feeder contraption ideas. As I build, things will surely be dwindled down, added to and worked around so please take these as concepts and disregard some of the details listed in the images if they make it confusing. Let me know if you have an opinion/idea about one or the other.

Also, check out the other work on my site (needs redesigning) if you haven’t yet and are interested. It could help give some context and will tell you a bit more about where I come from.


Learn How to Sew! 

Do you shy away from the needle and thread? Do you throw out a shirt when a button pops off? Do you wear those pants even though they are several inches too long? Do these things no more by learning how to sew!

With this hands-on project, you will create your own garment while learning sewing methods. The first level is learning the backstitch and then using that shiny new skill to attach a pocket to the shirt interface. The CHIP reads your stitches as closed switches and will tell a web page whether you make the stitch correctly or not. If you do you continue sewing the pocket until you’ve made the last stitch. After that last stitch is made another congratulations is in order and you are ready to learn more skills and have a new level unlocked — a hood!


Pavlov’s Jacket

After a long day, I can’t think about anything but getting to my comfy couch. As I drag my feet climbing my two story walk-up I go for my house keys and… wait. Where are my keys?! Oh f@*Ck I left the house without them again?! Grrrr.

Maybe I can get something like Tile that will find my keys for me or… maybe I can work on the real problem, my behavior (wah waah). That’s where Pavlov’s jacket comes in. It keeps track of where I put my keys or wallet or whatever else I keep misplacing. It tells me that it’s in the right pocket and rewards me if I successfully put my keys in the same place for one week. If I mindlessly put my keys in another pocket I receive a mild shock! That’ll teach me, right?

Possible rewards

– buying your fave food treat online. Not instantaneous :/

– getting access to your treat stash at home. Quicker access to reward.



Pavlov’s Jog

From interviewing people about fitness trackers, you find out that all the charts, unmade goals, and seeing yourself as a number can cause high anxiety. What works better for motivation that positive reinforcement? Set a number of steps you want to jog, achieve that goal and get a reward.  Oh yeah, this has negative reinforcement also, if you do not achieve your goal by the set time you get a mild shock. Times running out, run faster!

Possible rewards

– buying your fave food treat online. Not instantaneous :/

– getting access to your treat stash at home. Quicker access to reward.



CHIP Powered Knitting Machine

Doing this with CHIP because we all really wanting this.

Oh, and then we can get weird with conductive yarn and threads. 😀


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