Help Fund an Applicant Attend the eTextile SB Residency

Haven’t heard of ESB? It stands for eTextile Spring Break, it was previously held during the academic spring break, however this year it is being held in the fall from Oct. 2nd to Oct. 9th.

ESB is a place for people interested in deepening their knowledge of eTextiles and electronic craft. It’s a space for makers, designers, engineers, artists, storytellers, and others who have experience in electronics, textiles, craft, programming, wearable technology, or other related fields.

Electronic textiles or eTextiles embed electronics and electrical circuits into textiles using conductive fabrics, yarns, threads, and other materials through craft, fabrication, or industrial techniques. It describes an emerging hybrid practice that gives new functionality, interactions, and aesthetics to textile artifacts, often challenging the traditional ways we relate to the material world. These artifacts can live on the body, exist in our everyday interfaces, or explore new digital realms of craft-based traditions.

This year it is hosted at Praire Ronde in Vicksburg, Michigan. ESB is accepting donations through our fiscal sponsor, the Vicksburg Cultural Council, to help supplement participant fees. Plus, we have been applying for funding opportunities that come our way so anyone who needs the money to attend, can. All participant fees fund the event and for the first time, give the co-organizers some cash in hand for time spent organizing. The standardized currency should not get in the way of attendance! If we could trade yarn for a soldering iron and a place to sleep, we would accept such payments. The open call just closed for ESB and we are so very excited for the upcoming event where new and old friends will gather.

If you can, help out a fellow creative and check out the eTextile SB website around Oct. 2nd – Oct. 9th for some new posts that are sure to happen during the event.