CNC Conductive Fabric Circuit

There is a great way to cut conductive fabric using a Silhouette Cameo from an illustrator file, which is useful for prototyping and building projects that call for soft circuitry design or conductive fabric switches. You can get fairly precise cuts and create all kinds of iron-on electronic designs.

Soft circuitry is when you use soft conductive materials (thread, fabric, wool, etc.) to craft circuits using sewing techniques and electronic components.

The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic cutting tool that can trace an imported image, plus much more. It can cut materials such as card stock, sticker paper, fabrics ++. I have used it during the construction of wearable electronic prototypes, both professional and personal. It’s great for cutting thin plastic and backed adhesives, such as Heat ‘N’ Bond too. It also affordable!

If you can’t tell already, it is currently my favorite tool and every soft goods lab should have one 🙂