Wearable Electronics Instructables Class

In the class, you will learn how to build wearable electronics and program interactions using the Arduino software.

Perhaps you know how to sew but have always wanted to learn more about electronics. Or, you have used a microcontroller before but want to know what conductive fabric is all about. In this class, we will cover the hardware, software and the sewing that it takes to start you off and running towards building interactive and well-crafted projects.

You will learn techniques and apply new concepts by building a sewn circuit pin, two kinds of soft switches, a flex sensor and by making your microcontroller modular. You will also learn about digital and analog inputs and outputs through building the two main projects: The Hi-5 Collector and the Slouch Alert. The Hi-5 Collector is a project that makes social interaction game-like by introducing a goal achieved by collecting high-fives. The Slouch Alert project uses a handmade sensor to read a body’s movements and notifies you when you are slouching. As a bonus, you will also learn how to easily trigger sound clips using the Slouch Alert circuit!

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  1. Welcome & Supplies
  2. Introduction to Electronics
  3. Sew a Circuit
  4. Introducing the Soft Switch
  5. Introducing the Microcontroller + Arduino
  6. Making Connections + Modularity
  7. Digital Output
  8. Digital Input
  9. Hi-5 Collector Circuit
  10. Make a Simple Pattern
  11. Transfer Circuit to Fabric
  12. Power-up
  13. Finish the Hi-5 Collector!
  14. Analog Output
  15. Analog Input
  16. Reading Body Movement
  17. Slouch Alert Circuit
  18. Transfer Circuit to T-shirt
  19. Finish the Slouch Alert and Make Noise!