Wearables + More

This page includes wearable projects designed and made either with or without embedded circuits.


Felting is a process that is done by needle or wet felting raw wool fibers, causing them to entangle, shrink, and lock together to produce a solid textile. Felt can be as thin and wispy as a spiderweb or as thick and dense as a flourless chocolate cake.
Felt work can be 2-dimensional or sculpted into a seamless 3-dimensional shape.

Felt has become one of my all-time favorite mediums to date. It began in 2004 when I picked up a how-to kit from the SFMOMA museum gift store and made my wet-felted first purse. I quickly became enamored with the simplicity, yet endless possibilities the medium offered.

Starting with purses and hats I soon went on to full seamless garments (no sewing involved) and sculptural objects. Eventually, I began introducing electricity through developing felt sensors and interactive interfaces.

Below are designs created and made specifically for short films.

Below is a gallery of pieces that have been fabricated from designs that are not my own while working with Marina Zurkow, at Izquierdo Studio, or with Ted Southern.