Custom Cat Face Purse

Make your own cat purse and print custom fabric at home!

I first spotted a cat face purse on a Japanese blog, as soon as I saw it, I quickly searched every corner of the nets and found it was a sold out design of a Japanese fashion label Ahcahcum Muchacha. Months after eyeing it and being unable to find it elsewhere for sale, I planned a trip to Hong Kong and vowed to keep my eyes open. Well, to my surprise, I found one!

This bag rules them all, everyone enjoys it and always ask where I got it. It’s even been named, christened as “Kitty Bear” by a 5 year old while I was waiting for the bus. When I’ve recently looked online it’s finally made it’s way to Ebay and other resale websites.

However, nothing is as satisfying as being able to make your own. This instructable will show you how to create one with any image you want, be it a meme, a pet photo or… heck it doesn’t even have to be a cat face (but why wouldn’t you want that!).

I have also included the pattern with the image of MY favorite cat for your convenience, so you can simply print and sew.

Now is the time where all will enjoy and reap the benefits of the cat face purse!