Bluetooth Controlled Light Up Wearables

Have you ever imagined a world where you can change the pattern of a dress with a push of the button? Or one where you are able to change the height of a hem with a swipe of your finger? Technology makes control and customization possible where it wasn’t before. Fashion is no exception. The phone has become the most used personal device and while it can be the ultimate tool of distraction, it’s also useful as a wireless controller. Color has always been very exciting to me, I can swoon while looking at a shade of lilac and get giddy over a kelly green. Being able to change the color of something that I am wearing has always interested me and always comes to mind as a basic means of control while brainstorming about dynamic wearables.


Using a bluetooth enabled microcontroller and Android phone, this project gives you control over a strips of RGB LEDs. These LEDs can be put anywhere, on a pair of boots, in a jacket or on a bike helmet. I chose to take inspiration from 1980 Sci-Fi movies and Kraftwerk to make two accessories; a laser etched visor and a laser cut necklace. This Instructable will teach you how to use the Edison in tandem with your phone to control an RGB LED wirelessly and how to create two laser cut/etched acrylic accessories.

Make your own!