How to Work with Conductive Fabric

Working with conductive fabric is fun and it’s great for wearables, soft circuitry, e-textiles and other projects that take advantage of it’s properties. Learning the basics will help you make design and material choices tailored to your application.

This Instructable is jam-packed with insights from using it over the years as well as favorite resources for further development. You will learn techniques, such as how to cut and attach conductive fabric and how to build the following:

  • momentary switch
  • linear touch sensor using resistive material
  • basic LED circuit with switch
  • capacitive touch piano using Arduino and CapSense

I intend this to be something you bookmark, favorite or download for later as a go-to reference. Keep in mind that to stay safe from electrical shock, this information is intended to be used with low-voltage DC projects. Please comment on the instructable to add your own insights and to ask any questions!

Learn more about conductive fabric!