Push Reset

Walking through a textile exhibit gives me a certain kind of frustration, this goes for almost any show. The pieces I see in front of me made of materials that look smooth, fluffy, delicate or heavy can only be determined as such through sight. Each time my interest is triggered by the thickness of a paint stroke or the drape of a fabric I get up so close that my eyeball almost touches the piece. I scan every millimeter for more hints of technique and material, so as I can virtually feel it without laying a finger down. While I am grateful for the spawning of this kind of hyper-awareness from deprivation, I still have a very hard time with the fact that I can not reach out and touch these pieces.

Push Reset is a collection where the work is meant to be touched, explored and worn by the person who comes upon it. Some having more to give back than their physical properties through sound generation and manipulation. There are many fibers and materials to explore, the items in Push Reset are the beginning, continuation and for some the conclusion of a lifelong need and want to be able to enjoy textiles the way they are meant to be.

This exhibit was a retrospect of my work using felt as my main medium, including my first seamless felt garments along with the experimental tactile interfaces incorporating conductive and resistive fabrics, yarns and threads.